Pilotage Intercultural Center

Pilotage Intercultural Center helped people thrive in a microcosm of the global community from 2009 to 2013. Our students and teachers came from many countries to study and experience our unique programs.

It was located in the largest international resort area in the Caribbean, in Punta Cana Bávaro Macao,  on the east coast of the Dominican Republic.

StudentsinClassOur students were only adults.  They were tourism workers – people who came to the area solely  to find work to provide for their family and their needs.  They worked in
hotels, restaurants, retail shops and service companies.  They were front desk managers, housekeepers, tour guides, security guards, taxi drivers, waiters, clerks and entrepreneurs.  Some did not fit into the traditional jobs and made money in whatever way they could.

ComputerlabThe one thing we found the community wanted was to learn to speak English.  Speaking English was like having a college degree to the employers and opened up tremendous opportunity for people.

So we listened to the people and started a professional level, trimester program of English.  We used high quality materials.  We had 8 levels of English with testing to move to the next level.Studentgroup  Hundreds of students paid for classes that were heavily subsidized by our North American donors and partners.

We enlisted the best Christian English teachers we could find in the area.  Some were pastors in small churches and this provided them with an income to keep their churches alive.  Others were church leaders.  And we had a special British teacher with a deep level of experience.  Many were Haitians and some were Dominicans.

2010WillowTeam JuneWe add programs in French and Spanish.  We installed a computer lab for practice and added Chinese, German, Dutch and Italian capabilities.

Charles taught a group of Haitian and Dominican pastors theology, Bible and mentored them to advance their knowledge.

There were special programs like Heart of Macao, English Lunches, English Bible Studies and the staff2010Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit in 2012.

Our intern program brought students from Wheaton College and Taylor University to experience teaching in a foreign country and be mentored by our staff.

Our small mission teams from Willow Creek Community Church added an important element to our student’s learning experience and an opportunity for our team members to connect with the students in a one-on-one basis.

The footprint this ministry had on the community remains today.  The local staff that we discipled are now leading strongly and will  impact their generation for years to come.